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Sarah Gergen: Sharing her passions for almost two decades


Sarah Gergen is an 8th grade science teacher here at Irving Middle School. She has been teaching for a span of 19 years. Mrs. Gergen has a wonderful motto, “Everyone can learn,” and she shows it by encouraging kids to never give up. She enjoys teaching because of the challenge of being in a classroom. For example, setting high expectations, having a comfortable atmosphere, and monitoring her students’ behavior are some things that make her job enjoyable.

Sarah’s favorite part of teaching is when her students are enthusiastic about their work. Her favorite type of science is phenomenal science. Mrs. Gergen thinks that the biggest difference between when she was in middle school and now, is that technology has evolved a lot and the fact that we have so much information at our disposal.

Family and Inspirations

She has a wonderful family, with her three kids and husband, whom she enjoys very much. Her biggest accomplishment is building relationships with kids.

As a younger person, she dreamed of being a news anchor with good hair. When she was in middle school, she was tall, with acne and an 80’s haircut.

Mrs.Gergen’s biggest inspirations were her aunt Beth, and Mrs. Skippers, her teacher. Mrs. Skippers was great at taking charge , and, most importantly, she was kind.

Interests and Dreams

All of her life Mrs. Gergen has a great interest in music. She also loves to travel and read. Her favorite song ever was “Fire of Freedom”, by Matisyahu. Over her life she has gone to many concerts because of her love of live music. But her favorite concert was the “Grateful Dead.” Her favorite genre of music is positive rap or hip hop. ‘Tribe Called Quest’, ‘Black Eyed Peas’, and ‘Boogie Down Productions’ are some of her favorites.

When asked if she had failed at anything, she said she liked to sing when she was younger, but that didn’t work out as a career. Although her dreams of being a news anchor and of professionally singing didn’t come true, she really enjoys her job as a teacher. She will continue to teach and she loves it very much.

Images courtesy of Owen Chaffin