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By: Cory Kelly Hamilton is a broadway musical that was written by Lin Manuel Miranda over the course of 6 years. The musical is about Alexander Hamilton’s life, he was the first Secretary of the Treasury and wrote and rewrote… Continue Reading →

Greek Projects By: DaGurlyGamer

Greek Projects in Mrs. Dawson’s Class In 7th grade social studies classes the students recently studied Ancient Greece. As a part of this lesson the students learned about many types of Greeks like for example the Corinthians. The name came… Continue Reading →

Jesse Wellens

Kailey Sailors “To feel success you need struggle.” Jesse Michael Wellens was born on September 25, 1982 in Riverton, New Jersey.  When he was younger, he was misanthropic, which means that he generally hated humans and human nature. He has… Continue Reading →

A Thief Breaks Into A Car Just To Steal A Kit Kat.

By Jen Quach After stealing the Kit Kat, the thief left a surprising note. Most thieves would want to steal precious items, like watches and jewelry. This thief just wanted to steal a Kit Kat. Hunter Jobbins left his car… Continue Reading →

Minnesota Vs. #19 Nebraska

  By:Aydon Nelson Nebraska was coming off a 2 loss streak in the Big-10. They lost to Wisconsin in OT and was blown out by Ohio State after Tommy Armstrong’s game ending injury. Minnesota put up a fight against the… Continue Reading →

#9 Nebraska Vs. Ohio State

By:Aydon Nelson Nebraska got blown out on Saturday November 5th. Ohio proved that they deserve a spot in the #6 spot beating Nebraska 3-62. As Nebraska was going to score their first touchdown of the game when Tommy got hit… Continue Reading →

Real Zombies

Caroline Miller   Zombies are fictional creatures that have influenced games, horror movies, rides, and pumpkin patches.  They can often send shivers down a person’s spines, although they know they are not real… but what if they were real?  Imagine… Continue Reading →

Star Trek Beyond

Nate Mohney 11/18/16   “Star Trek Beyond” is the third installment to the 2009 reboot series of the world famous fifty-year-old science fiction series. This pg-13 rated movie got a 7.2/10 rating on IMDb. Personally, I think this movie deserved… Continue Reading →

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