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Liv and Maddie Season 3 Review

After Parker destroyed his family’s house with his so called Parker-Tunnels, they had to move to California. In California they live in a house next to the beach. Now they don’t own this house, it is their Aunt Dena’s house…. Continue Reading →

Liv and Maddie Season 2 Review

On the first episode of Season 2 “Liv and Maddie”, there is a special event in Wisconsin called, the Cheddar Brat Fest. But it is on the same day of Liv’s new show, Space Werewolf. Space Werewolf was from a… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Review

McDonald’s is my favorite place to eat. The french fries are the right texture and they always have the right crunch to them. Then their hamburgers are good also but sometimes they aren’t that good but they mostly always are…. Continue Reading →

Weekly Update #5

Hi amazing people (sorry that was cheesy I did not know how to start). I want to just talk about God’s love right now and see where it takes me. I just need to do something other than robot talk… Continue Reading →


Veggie Tray


Fun crossword of fruits

University of Central Florida Logo Puzzle

Do puzzle here <–

Nebraska Logo Puzzle

Do puzzle here <–

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