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April 24, 2018 – 7:32 pm |


AJ Campbell
There are many forms of transportation around the world and traveling by plane is one. Here are some plane news stories that I found to be interesting.
One passenger was killed after a Southwest plane …

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Ark Survival Evolved PVP Official

April 23, 2018 – 6:34 pm |

Ark Survival Evolved PVP Official

AJ Campbell

Ark Survival Evolved is a very fun game, but some people have different opinions on whether to play on a boosted or a Official. I personally don’t care on which I play on, but my friends mostly play on Official so I will mostly play on an Official here are some benefits on playing on an Official.

One benefit is that people can’t build up as fast. Say if you raid someone they can’t build up to the same spot they were at when you raided them as of they won’t get the same stuff super stuff. Another benefit is when you raid someone you probably have to set up a F.O.B. (forward operating base). Some people might argue that you can do that on a boosted, but it is almost needed to do on a official. Say if you get attacked by all of the dinosaurs you pretty much need a F.O.B. the fend off the dinos in.

Another benefit of an official is that you can never get into any fights with other players if you just farm in your area. Again some people might argue that you can do that on a boosted, but you can take only the resources in you area on a boosted you might never know that there is an enemy’s base rights next door in the bush and they could break into your base will you are offline. Another benefit is that you can take the game slower paced than if you were on a boosted and everyone builds up in one day, while on an official you can build up in a week and have a decently sized base.

The final reason to play on an official is you can mess around more with your friends without worry. Say if you are on a boosted you might have a higher risk of people coming over to you and messing with you. On an official you might never see anyone if you just keep to yourself and farm resources in your area.

That is my opinion on an official.

Supreme Clothes

April 23, 2018 – 6:26 pm |
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For my article I will be going over the Supreme company. It has a lot of cool clothes and is very interesting.

The company was started in 1994 as a small skating clothing store. It was …

Starbucks closing to educate employees

April 23, 2018 – 6:20 pm |
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OMG If you are a lover of Starbucks listen up and read this article why Starbucks is closing. But don’t worry Starbucks is closing only temporarily.
The reason why Starbucks is closing is because of racial …

Haunted Houses

April 17, 2018 – 3:46 pm |

There are many haunted houses in the USA. Would you want to go tour some of this houses?
One of these houses are iowa called Villisca ax murder house. It’s in a small called villisca iowa. …

Clothing Releases April 2018

April 17, 2018 – 3:44 pm |
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I will be looking at some of the clothing that will be dropping this month, or have already dropped. The first thing I’ll go over is the BAPE Camo Fish Hoodie. The second thing I …

Ark Survival Evolved Mods

April 17, 2018 – 3:42 pm |
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AJ Campbell
Ark Survival Evolved is a very fun game, but sometimes you get bored of doing the same thing, so here are some fun mods.
Ark Survival Evolved has a sponsored mod program which is they …


March 26, 2018 – 2:45 pm |

Many Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection on the 3rd day, which is written in the New Testament of the Christian bible. In the New Testament Gospel of John, …

Ark TLC Phase 2

March 26, 2018 – 2:42 pm |

AJ Campbell
Ark is a very fun game and it has already had a TLC update and now the second update came out.
The TLC phase 2 update came out on March 20th 2018 for the PC …

Cute puppies to make you happy

March 5, 2018 – 7:35 pm |
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March 2, 2018 – 7:35 pm |
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It’s been 25 years since Chris Street set a basketball record for the most scored consecutive free throws.
Now, thanks to Jordan Bohannon, Street’s name will stay in the history books. Street was a forward player …

A woman saves a girl from been kidnapped

March 2, 2018 – 7:30 pm |

A woman saves a girl from been kidnapped
A quick thinking mother became a hero when she pretended to be the mother of someone else. A little girl who was in the middle of a possible …