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OFF THE CHAIN- The Advocate Opinion Feature

What are your thoughts about the answers to some of the questions asked by LHS students at the the Law Day assembly today with the governor, chief justice, and attorney general?

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Seniors rake in $5 million in scholarships

By Alison Goldenstein
To celebrate and recognize the honors, awards, and scholarships that the seniors of Lincoln High School (LHS) received, families, faculty and staff, and the entire student body gathered in Johnson Gym on Monday, May 11, 2015 along with the senior class to congratulate their hard work.
However, not only was Lincoln High saying goodbye to the senior class, they were also wishing a happy retirement to 20-year principal Dr. Mike Wortman. As seniors gathered in the theatre before proceeding to the gym, they wrote thank you notes to Wortman …

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College Club opens the door to students’ futures

By Sean Neary
At Lincoln High, many students wouldn’t normally have the resources to search for or apply for colleges, or have the opportunity to go on college visits. Others are simply scared of where they’re heading. That’s why there’s the College Club. The College Club provides those opportunities for free.
“The club is really for any students, usually juniors and seniors, who just want to get a jumpstart on finding information about college and getting the help they need,” College Club Representative Judy Tuttle said.
The club has been funded by a …

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Need for Make-Up crew just around the corner

By Samantha Stuefer
Mirrors plastered on every wall in a tight space, shoulder to shoulder with other kids there for the same reason as you, having a blast and making art. Faces of all assortments, created by the hands of others. Drama and suspense, painted on the face of an actor, tying up the whole appearance of the outfit.
This is what it’s like to be in Make-Up Crew.
With “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” just around the corner, and there is a need for a make-up crew.
After the person who is wanting to …

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Oscar-nominated documentary to show at LHS tonight

Lincoln High will host a historic screening of the Oscar-nominated documentary Last Days in Vietnam this evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Ted Sorensen Theatre.
An all-star panel, which includes two men featured in the documentary – U.S Navy commander Hugh Doyle and the Vietnamese captain in charge of combat operations Kiem Do – will address the audience and field questions after the 30-minute screening.  The two were were flown to Lincoln by PBS for the event.
Dau Nguyen, head of the Lincoln Vietnamese business community, was an officer in Saigon under Do during the last days of the Vietnam War. …