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(L to R) Miles DiLillo (1st place), Daniel Brozovic (2nd), Amir Tarkian (3rd)

2018 Irving Geographic BEE Finalists and Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Irving Geographic Bee! The following below is the the list of …

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Walking Molly for ICOR

Do you like Golden Retrievers? Do you like dogs that just like a stroll in the park, without a leash? Well then you would LOVE Molly. She is the cutest Golden Retriever ever. Read the rest of this article to find out more about Molly and her owners the Sneddekers. In this article you will also learn about how Betsy Miller’s classes walk her and how it all started.

It was the month of ICOR and we were outside for a fire drill when the Sneddekers got home from the store with Molly. We were all so excited to see her and Molly was SO friendly!! So after school had finished Mrs. Miller went over to talk to them and BOOM we had an ICOR project….. Walking Molly.

We have been walking Molly ever since. She gets walked 3 times a day and is always sniffing and just having a great time. We all love to do it because, well of course we get to see Molly but we also get to see the Sneddekers. They are truly amazing people as well. They just moved here this summer, and a coincidence or not but they bought the house right next to their son! Their son has two little girls that are twins, and are 7 years old. He also has a wife that helps to take care of the Sneddekers because Mr. Sneddeker recently broke his hip! We all love to see them and Molly and it has all worked out. You can see Molly in the pictures below and then you can truly know how cute she is!

I hope that you take this nice random act of kindness to heart and decide to do something for your neighbors, friends, or family, too! Just think about what George Elliston said, “How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.” Now you try to be that kindness and make your day truly beautiful!

Some fun facts about Molly-

  • Molly loves to play in the leaves
  • She loves to roll down the hills of other neighbors’ yards when you walk her
  • When you leave to go back into the school from the walk, she sometimes follows you back because she doesn’t want you to leave.
  • Molly loves to get petted and if a hundred people crowded around to pet her, she would just sit there and wait to be petted. She is the friendliest dog in the world!!


Article by Emma Von Scheliha

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