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Winners of “Why I Want to Go to College” Writing Essay

The 16th annual “Why I Want to Go to College” writing contest, sponsored by the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office and …

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Misty: The Tale of a Dog & A Deranged Divorcee || PT. 4

The following is an ongoing story written by a 6th grade student who goes to school here at Irving. The writer wishes to be anonymous until the story is put to an end. New segments will be posted weekly. Enjoy!


Tales of a Dog & A Deranged Divorcee

By: Anonymous… For now



Missy was surprised to see how angry Brenda had got when he saved her from the stick of fire. She would have obviously died if he didn’t inform her, how rude! Then she traveled at full speed and crashed into a tree in the middle of nowhere! He wasn’t even going to mention her swinging a stick to her car. And she calls him ‘primitive’.

Missy growled at the vehicle for almost killing him and happily paced along with Brenda. A couple minutes into the walk he even found a dead deer carcass by the side of the road! It was his day indeed! He munched on the stomach area for quite a bit then followed Brenda. About an hour or so later he saw a strange building that Brenda stopped at. He then gingerly glanced around until he saw a huge, black, shiny monster slumbering away. He lowly snarled and then started his high pitched yapping.  Brenda ignored his important warning once again, and turned around and started to talk. All he heard of her speech was bark, run, and bacon. She led him into the building and ushered him to started yapping. “YIP, YIP, YIP” he barked loudly and sped off. He was going to get bacon.

Brenda knew that this distraction wouldn’t last for long. She headed for the black Prius and started to wish she hadn’t forgotten her crowbar in her car. She got it to break into Ryan’s house, but instead, he called her ‘deranged’ and filed a restraining order. After that thought, she heard a baby wailing inside the car. What type of people were they? Leaving a baby in a hot car. She tried to unlock the door with her hand and It worked like a charm. And luckily the keys were still in the ignition. “MISSY!,” she hollered and Missy ran into the car with her. She would take care of the baby and nurture it until they reached Texas.

Brenda’s luck didn’t last to long. Around an hour of driving the baby started bawling its lungs out. She turned off the interstate and left the baby.

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